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As an Australian Aboriginal woman, I would like to acknowledge and respect the past, present, and future elders of this country.

I am a proud Yupungathi/Gangalida woman; a descendant from my ancestors who have walked this earth for 65,000 years.


I want the world to hear my personal story that developed from a diverse background. It’s teaching women to give their power back and not be afraid to make decisions that truly matter ...

Tina Haywood We are Warriors 2D book cov

Tina Haywood's We Are Warriors is out now! 

Hear Tina's story and help teach women to get their power back and be brave to make decisions that matter.

Buy your copy today, available here.

And, you can learn more about the book, here.

join me.

be a warrior.

break free & become inspired.

become who you want to be.

Don't let someone dim your light simply because it's shining in their eyes.


Photograph by Rose Fletcher

Custodian Nova Peris OAM OLY

My Goals

As women, the greatest gift we can bestow is to help each other rise and support each other, collaborate, share, inspire and empower each other is how we strengthen our human spirits be strong and courageous. 



Tina Haywood


Shatta Michy

Strong women

Everything you need to get back up in life has always been deep inside of you, you are braver than you believe; stronger than you seem to be; smarter than you think. So, keep rising, my sisters.


We are Warriors!   


Tina Haywood

Quote to left by Shatta Michy.

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