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Tina Haywood Aboriginal Author

As an Australian Aboriginal woman, I would like to acknowledge and respect the past, present, and future elders of this country.

Here is a bit about myself. I am a proud Yupungathi/Gangalida woman; a descendant from my ancestors who have walked this earth for 65,000 years. The Spirit in my heart made me the strong woman I am today.

I want the world to hear my personal story that developed from a diverse background. It’s teaching women to give their power back and not be afraid to make decisions that truly matter.

It's a biography about living with domestic violence and suffering from sexual assault and child abuse trauma as a child at 7 years old, going into the Australian Defence force, through to becoming a mother, mentor, survivor and overcoming continuous adversities.

You will feel inspired, moved, and realise that you have an inner warrior no matter what colour you are, what background you are from, and never hold back what you fight for. Ultimately, it's about healing, resilience, courage, and letting go of the trauma and remembering self-love once again and wisdom not only just for you but for your family and friends.

It will take you through the rollercoaster of emotions from sadness and shock to triumph and overwhelming healing. We are all on unique journeys; with brave wings, you can be unstoppable.

This story has a deep emphasis on cultural understanding in aboriginal families and the achievements they can create for themselves and those around them.

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