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We are Warriors

My name is Tina. I have lived through a difficult childhood and a hard, rough life.

Growing up poor, I didn’t understand why this world was so hard to live in. I had to teach myself to grow up at a young age and not continue repeating history, such as inter-generational trauma, alcohol abuse, as well as living with domestic violence.

This book is about growing, as I have had setbacks in life. It’s about the bigger picture and what to focus on in my life … when we have big impacts in life, we must adjust.

We have to appreciate the now, and not worry about the future, taking one day at a time.

I am an Aboriginal woman, but I don’t let that define me. Rather, it is about me as a strong, powerful woman and being a human being. I now have a successful career in the Australian Defence Force. I am always picking up new tools to live a happier life while I still walk this earth as my ancestors once walked before me, and to turn the negative emotions into positive emotions. I do this not only for myself but for my beautiful kids.

Don’t let your past define you. You too can make something out of your life.

Tina Haywood We are Warriors 2D book cov


I couldn't put this book down. What an amazing read!!! Tina's raw and emotional words words in We Are Warriors are truly inspiring. This chic is a modern day warrior for her family. She has so much be proud of.

—Roseanne Blackman


This book is truly powerful...

Educating and Healing

what a powerful strong woman and role model to all walks of life

—Selina Guvi-Gan


Just loved this book read it in a day couldn’t put it down it gave me an understanding of what children go through living with Domestic Violence. Brought tears to my eyes reading some parts as Tina spoke so raw. Her story is one that needs to be told as their are many more families going through the same is issue.

—Aleesha Johnston

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